Nobilis Ci and Nobilis Enterprise are used to automate dozens of different business activities that cross multiple functional areas and vertical industries. These are several examples of Nobilis technology at work. To read additional case studies of Nobilis solutions, please subscribe to our newsletter. Every month, we provide a new unique example of companies using Nobilis technology to create Last Mile Applications and automate their business processes for increased efficiency.

 Ibis Technology - Improving Manufacturing Efficiencies

Read how Ibis used the Nobilis Ci ProcessWriter to automatically monitor inline production data and raised their production output efficiency.
(PDF - 188KB)

 Financial Services - Automating Purchase Approvals and Tracking

Read how a major provider of financial services used Nobilis to automate purchase requisition approvals and provided visibility into the process for those making the purchase requests.
(PDF - 172KB)

 A Major Manufacturer - Automating Excel Based Expense Reporting

Read how a manufacturer of telecom equipment used Nobilis to add process automation and controls to their expense reporting while continuing to use their familiar Excel spreadsheet.
(PDF - 192KB)

 A Major Manufacturer - Automating Dynamic Pricing and Approvals

Read how a manufacturer of engineered materials used Nobilis to automate pricing approvals, dramatically reducing the elapsed time between orders and cash receipts.
(PDF - 205KB)

  Ibis used Nobilis Ci to raise their production output efficiency.
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