Download and use these templates to learn more about the Nobilis Ci ProcessWriter. Whether you want to see examples of ProcessWriter applications, or want to customize one of your own processes, these templates can help.

Product Launch Application

Description: This application tracks progress on product development and project status. Color-coded spreadsheets are routed to participants, who complete and send to a manager for approval via the Nobilis process engine. Reminders are sent at predefined intervals.
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Timesheet Application

Description: Sends out timesheet forms automatically at the same time each week. Upon completion, sheets are routed to managers for approval. Approved sheets update the company database, and complete reports are sent to Finance and executive management.
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Approvals Application

Description: This process sends images to appropriate managers for approval. The process engine tracks follow-ups and re-sends the image(s) until a response is received. The process runs continuously, and actions are triggered by changes to records in a central database.
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  Ibis used Nobilis Ci to raise their production output efficiency.
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